At Ellipsis, we believe in providing a safe and supportive environment where young people have the tools they need to rewrite their story and express themselves as they grow into adulthood.

Recently, we had the privilege of renovating a portion of our South campus into a supervised apartment living space where 12 of the youth we serve will be able to live more independently while still receiving support. As part of this transformation, we wanted to create a space that feels welcoming to our residents and guests while also reflecting the creativity, independence and spirit of our residents. That's where one of our talented artists stepped in.

Meet Drake, also known as Inversion in the online world of art (@teshikameku_inversion). He’s a gifted artist whose work now adorns one of the entry walls within the new Ellipsis apartment space where he currently lives.

Drake's artistic journey began at an early age as he experimented with different drawing styles and techniques, but it really took shape when he thought about what he wanted to do in the future. “I've always wanted to be a kind of like a developer of sorts,” Drake said. “I've always had this plan to make an indie game, but that's what everybody who is into it wants. And my drawing habits started when I wanted to make my own characters.”

As he flipped through his past sketchbooks, his pride in ownership and the progress between pages were obvious. The mural itself is a testament to Drake's versatility as an artist — and his ability to face big challenges, the kind that help a person grow. Departing from his usual horror-themed illustrations, Drake embraced a whimsical, rubber hose style for this project. The rubber hose technique simplifies the character design by using cylindrical, hose-like limbs to minimize the complexity of joints and exaggerated features like oversized hands and feet. The result is a lively depiction of rolling hills, quaint houses and a central character with a playful cap that incorporates its large eyes.

Drake shared how music often serves as his muse during his creative process, inspiring him to visualize characters and scenes that come to life on paper. “I have a very wide variety in music taste, like it can go from something that isn’t very well known to 80s or 90s, but I don't really listen to a lot of stuff that's made nowadays,” he said. It’s too repetitive and too much of the same. “And then I kind of like to imagine my characters singing the song a bit.” For this particular piece, he was listening to Elton Britt’s “Uranium Fever.”

What makes Drake's mural truly special for Ellipsis is the message it conveys. Through vibrant colors and playful imagery, the mural speaks to the themes of independence and opportunity, a fitting reflection of the journey Ellipsis residents embark on as they transition into self-sufficiency. 

“I would describe [the place in the mural] as someplace safe where there are a lot of opportunities. This is someplace where you can be you without any distractions. And it's like there's many opportunities down the road for you, and you know, like for each building I wanted to do a different a job on each one. The right to choose is really a sign of independence.”


Drake shared how Ellipsis has played a pivotal role in shaping his personal path. His candid reflections of his past home life and finding a sense of belonging and accountability through his experience with the organization were inspiring. “I was very excited when they asked me to do [the mural],” he said. “It felt like really professional.”

In line with their mission, the organization offered this opportunity to support the kids in their programs and give them a platform to highlight their talent and bolster their confidence. “In big projects like this renovation, it’s a no-brainer to involve the kids throughout the process.”

Chris Koepplin, Ellipsis CEO

“Drake is so talented, and it was an honor to be able to be one of the first organizations to hire him for commissioned artwork. Drake's mural stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the youth we serve at Ellipsis. It serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who pass through our doors. We are immensely proud to have Drake as part of our community, and we look forward to seeing where his artistic journey takes him next.”