Ellipsis is Iowa’s “no wrong door” care provider for kids and families. We’re an agency that welcomes and works with people however they come or are referred to us, reducing barriers to programming and services that keep families connected and thriving.

On any given day, we serve more than 750 kids and their families with residential care and treatment, counseling and therapy, behavioral health intervention services, care coordination and family support. In doing so, we’re helping kids and families overcome turbulent pasts to build successful, rewarding futures.

OUR MISSION: Rewrite stories for the kids and families who need it most.

Ellipsis works in the space between what is and what’s possible. Our name represents our commitment to moving lives forward and opening doors to stories yet to be written. Explore the areas below to see how we’re making our mission a reality in Iowa.

Connecting kids, families and futures

The individual needs of those we assist are incredibly diverse. As we grow our programs to provide more opportunities for healing and growth for more people, we’re creating avenues for success that last a lifetime. We do this by encouraging meaningful connections in everything we do.

  • We enable authentic connections between our staff and our kids and their families, becoming personal advocates, building trust and facilitating understanding.
  • We help kids and families connect with each other to form stronger bonds and beneficial relationships based on respect and empathy, improving outcomes for all.
  • We connect our care, programs and services with the kids and families who need them most. By making our programs easy to access, we’re creating a greater impact for individuals and communities alike.