Our board members are tasked with maintaining our organization, securing sustainable funding and determining the best direction forward as we evolve to meet Iowa’s changing needs.

Made up of community and business leaders, our board’s foresight and commitment to the Ellipsis vision have created life-changing opportunities for thousands of children and their families.

Board Leadership

  • Travis Sheets
    Travis Sheets President
  • Doug Pearson
    Doug Pearson Vice President
  • Brad Winterbottom
    Brad Winterbottom Secretary
  • Shane Zimmerman
    Shane Zimmerman Treasurer

Board Members

  • Laura Allen
    Laura Allen
  • Don Blumenthal
    Don Blumenthal
  • Tim Crawford
    Tim Crawford
  • Travis Etchison
    Travis Etchison
  • Joanne Lasrado
    Joanne Lasrado
  • Paul Kruse
    Paul Kruse
  • Mick Lovell
    Mick Lovell
  • Mark Lyons
    Mark Lyons
  • Rich Schappert
    Rich Schappert
  • Paul Schlueter
    Paul Schlueter
  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith
  • Jane Sturtz
    Jane Sturtz
  • Dereck Trebilcock
    Dereck Trebilcock
  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams