Here at Ellipsis, our mission revolves around uplifting youth and families, providing them with opportunities that can offer a sense of what most people in our community would call normalcy and create lasting, positive memories. 

On April 19 — in a heartwarming display of gratitude and appreciation — the staff, kids and families of Ellipsis came together to give back to someone who has done so much for them and the organization: Kale Kessy, a talented athlete on the Iowa Wild hockey team and champion for our community off the ice.

Kessy's Krew Night, held at the April 19 Iowa Wild game in the Wells Fargo Arena, was more than just a typical hockey game for our organization. It was a tribute to Kessy's commitment to the community and his efforts to make a difference in the lives of Ellipsis youth and families. Through his unwavering support and generous donations of time, resources and tickets to Iowa Wild games, he has brought joy and excitement to countless Ellipsis youth, offering them experiences they will never forget.

In return, the Ellipsis community wanted to express their heartfelt gratitude and show Kale just how much his support means to them. Kessy's Krew Night was a culmination of this appreciation, with over 80 Ellipsis supporters in attendance, including staff, kids and their families.

"It's truly incredible to see the impact that Kale has had on our community," said Zach Rus, Ellipsis engagement director. "He goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of our youth, and tonight, we wanted to show him how much we appreciate everything he does."

One of the most memorable experiences orchestrated by Kale was a day of pure excitement and joy at Spare Time in West Des Moines, where 15 lucky Ellipsis youth were treated to an unforgettable adventure filled with pizza, games and laser tag. It was a day that brought smiles to the faces of these young individuals, offering them a break from their everyday challenges and a chance to simply be kids.

But Kale's kindness doesn't stop there. He continues to give back by generously providing tickets to Iowa Wild games for the kids served by Ellipsis. These outings not only offer thrilling entertainment but also create opportunities for our youth to bond with their peers, build lasting friendships and feel the support of their community. In total, he has also donated more than $5,000 for Ellipsis kids and families.

The Krew settled into their seats to enjoy an action-packed game between the Iowa Wild and the Grand Rapids Griffins. Cheers, excitement and laughter filled the arena, but Ellipsis kids and families knew this was more than watching a hockey game; it was about coming together as a community to express their appreciation for his kindness.

"Kale Kessy has become a role model for our kids. He's shown them that no matter how big or small, we all have the power to make a positive impact on the world around us."

Chris Koepplin, Ellipsis chief executive officer

As the Iowa Wild close out their season, we want to thank you, Kale Kessy, for your unwavering commitment to making a difference. Your generosity and kindness have inspired us all, and we're honored to have you as a partner in our mission to empower youth and families in our community.