Giving means making a meaningful difference in central Iowa kids’ and families’ lives. Giving means helping us keep a promise to youth in need.

Ellipsis makes good on promises to improve the lives of kids and families

When kids and families begin working with us, we make a commitment to them. We assure them that our staff cares about their well-being and will continue to care about them no matter the behavior they may exhibit. We promise that we’re partners in helping them reach their goals to be happier, healthier individuals. We work to convince them they can overcome any obstacles, no matter their background.

It’s not always an easy sell. We know that kids in our facilities may have had loved ones and mentors break promises before. We know that families who seek help from our organization feel burned by past experiences or feel exhausted by the challenges that may lay ahead.

Through our full range of services and with our incredible staff, we work to address kids’ and families’ needs holistically, whether they need in-facility support, community-based programs or a combination. Time and again, we work to follow through on our promises.

During the giving season, we’re asking for our community’s support to set up our organization for success in the next year. At Ellipsis, we will do everything we can to keep our promises to serve youth, and we make the promise to our donors and community partners that we will be good stewards of our resources.

Consider kids like Darr

We’re advocating for youth like Darrtavious. When Darr came to stay with us, his behavior was often aggressive because he’d never had a chance to develop proper communication skills to share his emotions. He felt he had nothing to lose or to gain. What’s the point in trying when many people in his life had already broken promises to care for him? Over time, our staff and Darr’s peers followed through on our promises to him, helped him learn new skills to change behavior patterns, worked to overcome trauma and built up his self-worth.

With your help, we can keep the promises we’ve made to provide our services and expand programming for kids and families who are your peers and neighbors. You can keep the promises you’ve made to those around you to live in a community that cares and wants to set up our next generation of leaders for success.

Consider our community

Just as our youth experience setbacks and doubts about their abilities to reach lofty goals, it’s easy for all of us to come up with reasons to shirk our community responsibilities, to believe that nothing is ever going to change for the better. But Ellipsis has made incredible strides in the promises we’ve made to the community.

First and foremost, we work 24/7/365 to help our kids and families improve their lives, build better relationships and health, reset and determine their next chapter. Secondly, we’ve added additional programs to fill gaps in services we identified in the community, such as our respite program. We’re also close to unveiling one-of-a-kind apartments that will help our youth better learn to live independently. Lastly, we look to open a facility that will help girls in foster care, a much underserved group in central Iowa.

When some goals seem insurmountable and our community is in need, put your faith and financial support behind an organization that has followed through on its promises. Help us continue to move the needle forward for our community and create the next generation of successful leaders who simply need an extra helping hand before they grow into who they are meant to be.

 Without your support, we cannot continue all of the rich programming that connects nearly 600 kids and families in central Iowa to successful futures.

Join us in giving youth in our community a boost when they need it most. In doing so, you’re investing in our collective future.

Make a contribution at You can set up a recurring donation or provide a one-time gift for the giving season. We appreciate and count on your support.